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For Immediate Release: January 25, 2010

NY Jet Charter Offers Economic Air Charters Within 250-Mile Range of Islip

MegaPhoneNew York Jet Charter offers “Taxi in the Sky” – Economic Air Charter to and from 50 Airports in 250-Mile Range of Islip.
(Long Island, N.Y.) It is no secret that the economic downturn has impacted the aviation industry. Paying thousands of dollars for ultra-luxurious comforts on a one-to-three hour flight is not as prevalent as in previous years. New York Jet Charter offers an efficient and more cost-effective alternative to expensive jet charter flights. The service targets business and pleasure travelers, flying to and from 50 airports based in a 250-mile range of Islip, New York. Right now, Albany, Martha’s Vineyard and Easthampton top the company’s list for most popular destinations.

The parent company, Mid Island Air Service, established in 1946, re-entered the charter business as New York Jet Charter. They are now offering clients an alternative to the higher operating cost of multi engine Turbine or Jet Charters. Vincent Basile, co-owner of New York Jet Charter, Inc. said, “There are few Charter companies doing air taxi like we do air taxi. We’re taking a pilot approach versus a business approach.”

Why drive to Albany from Long Island in four hours when you can charter the company’s cost efficient Cessna 182 Skylane and arrive refreshed in less than one hour and 10 minutes…and depart when you choose. This sleek time proven aircraft is simply the best all-around four place piston single ever built. New York Jet has a 20 thousand hour FAA Pilot Examiner as the Chief Pilot of their growing fleet. Outfitted with the most updated avionics the Cessna Skylane is safe and comfortable. “You can see moving GPS mapping, terrain, weather – everything,” said Robert Osinski, chief pilot. “It brings a sense of comfort to passengers.”

“During the week, it’s mostly business travel,” Basile said. “On the weekend, it’s people traveling to their weekend homes or going on a mini vacation.” For some couples, paying hundreds of dollars to bypass traffic getting off the Island on a Friday evening is money well spent.

“You don’t have to go through air terminal security or worry about flight delays or go through the stress of traffic if you drive,” Basile said.

New York Jet combines its experience with air-travel amenities so you get the “charter-feel” – definitely not your run-of-the-mill air taxi service. No jet could do it for the same low price. “We can move our clients in a fairly reasonable time frame and at a fraction of the cost because we use smaller equipment that suits the flight profile requiring less fuel. This allows us to maintain a lower overhead enabling the savings to be passed onto our customers” said, Vice President and co-owner Gail Jensen about the Cessna Skylane.

New York Jet is presently in negotiations to lease a brand new Cessna 8 passenger single engine Turbine Caravan. The Caravan is the unequaled king of the air when it comes to cost –efficiency, flight ability and the transportation of people and cargo within a 400-600-mile radius. Our staff can also arrange a turbo prop or jet charter, if that suits your travel needs.

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