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New York Jet goes to Vegas ……

Gail Mancuso Jenson and Bonni Van Camp, Setup and ready to "SHOW"

Gail Mancuso Jenson and Bonni Van Camp,
Setup and ready to “SHOW”

Our commitment to New York Jet’s Corporate Operation has been strengthened with our attendance at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) three day convention in Las Vegas in October.

Although Vinnie Basile, our aircraft sales director, has attended the convention numerous times in the past, this is the first year that New York Jet staffed a booth. New York Jet, along with 25 other Avfuel dealers, each had a small booth within the large Avfuel designated area. The convention was enormous (1 million square feet of exhibit space); attendance was the highest ever with 31,259 pilots and aviation enthusiasts visiting 1084 exhibiting companies.

Joel Hirst Avfuel District Manager

Joel Hirst
Avfuel District Manager

Our booth was visited by existing New York Jet corporate guest pilots as well as potential new customers. New York Jet was represented by Gail Mancuso Jensen (VP and General Manager), Eddie Sheffield (Line Operations Manager) and Bonni Van Camp (Corporate Services Manager). They found it exciting to talk to pilots and other corporate flight centers across the country. Vinnie attended several aviation forums when he wasn’t manning the booth.

You name it, if a company has anything to do with corporate flying, they were well represented at the convention. If you were in the market to pick out new carpet or china for your jet, buy a new tug, jet or fuel truck or learn more about fractional shares – the information and contacts were there.

Cessna had several cabin mockups which you could walk through to see the differences in their Citations and there were many planes and helicopters on the floor. If you felt lucky, you could try your hand at a raffle for a car or motorcycle. Something to please everyone.

When we found out that this was Vinnie’s first visit, we showed him the dancing fountains at the Bellagio and spent a little time (and money) in Paris – hey, its Vegas, we had to have some fun, too! We were invited to Avfuel’s customer appreciation party at the Hard Rock Café, along with 1250 other aviators – this was a hot ticket around the convention and we appreciated being part of the festivities.

Bonni Van Camp, Vincent Basile, Gail Mancuso Jensen, and Eddie Sheffield....At the Avfuel party.

Bonni Van Camp, Vincent Basile, Gail Mancuso Jensen, and Eddie Sheffield….At the Avfuel party.

While none of us had to worry how to get a new car home (much to Bonni’s dismay), we did come home with a lot of information and new contacts. Southwest’s new nonstop between Vegas and Islip was a nice way to end the trip.

We were very pleased to receive a phone call from Avfuel notifying us that New York Jet is their featured FBO for the month of November. Please visit to read more about us.

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