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2022 Bristell 915 SLSA TURBO – N629BL BRS


2022-Bristell-915-SLSA-TURBO-N629BL-BRS-CabinRotax 915iS Sport 141 HP, Sensenich 3 Blade Prop BRS CHUTE

  • Electric elevator trim, 4-inch vents, External Static system
  • Grey tinted canopy, Elevator Gap seals
  • Premium Paint Charcoal interior and carbon fiber panel
  • Wheel Fairings Black Cloth seats (Yellow and Black seats boxed)
  • 2.4V USB on the right and left side, Heated Pitot, AOA
  • Dual Teleflex nose wheel steering cables, Diagnostic Dongle
  • Berringer Anti Lock Hand Brakes 2 Tosten CS 8 grips
  • Wing Lockers, Dual Landing Lights, Nav and Strobe lights
  • Kanad ELT, inclinometer above G3X Back up IBBS-12V-3Ah battery
  • Dual 10-inch G3X Touch GDU 460’s, GDL51R, ADAHARS, GTR20R Com GNX375 WAAS IFR
  • Certified LPV GPS, GAD 29, ADS-B IN and OUT
  • Garmin GMC 507 Autopilot module
  • Gross Weight 1320 lbs
  • Empty Weight 899 lbs Useful Load 420 lbs.
  • Payload with 4 hours fuel 330 lbs
  • Range 500 miles no reserves  175 MPH
  • Electric Aileron Trim

2022-Bristell-915-SLSA-TURBO-N629BL-BRS-SeatsDelivery April 2022

Louis Mancuso: 516-658-1847

Price: $332,421

Vincent M. Basile

John Macchia


Specifications Subject To Verification Upon Inspection

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